Haivision 1020 with HMF2 SDI input and HDMI output options

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Haivision 1020 with HMF2 SDI input and HDMI output options

Manufacturer Haivision
Part Number 1020-HMF2-HDMI

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Short Description
Techex Ex-Demonstration Stock - Low latency H.264 Encoder & Decoder, with single channel SD-SDI & CVBS encoder & SD decoder with low latency upscale to 720p on HDMI

Techex Ex-Demonstration Stock Haivision 1020 with HMF2 SDI input and HDMI output options and 6 months RTB Techex warranty.

We have four units available.

This appliance offers bi-directional SD H.264, perfect end-point to be bundled with our Haivision 1060 with HMF2 SDI offering a ready to go solution for any user wishing to connect remote office locations to a central board room or training facility for dedicated high quality low latency bi directional telepresence links.

This unit includes:

  • 1 x B-1000-HM4EDC - the HMF2 H.264 MPEG-4 AVC Encoder/Decoder Carrier Blade
  • 1 x B-1000-PICSDI - HMF2 Digital Input (SDI) PIC - SDI, Composite Video, 4 Channel Analog Audio, 4 Channel SDI Embedded Digital Audio
  • 1 x B-1000-PICHDO - the HMF2 HD Digital Output (HDO) PIC - HDMI, Embedded Digital Audio, 4 Channel Analog Audio, 720p/60 or 720p/50 output

Ideal for use within boardrooms, telepresence suites, classrooms, control rooms, and medical operating theaters for the most

The Hai1020 provides the most cost-effective solution for deploying a single encoder/decoder in a compact 1RU chassis with up to 2 video channels.

The Hai1000 is designed to meet the exact requirements of leading systems integrators. Matched with excellent audio visual products and attention to details with respect to room design, lighting, acoustics, and room control systems, the Hai1000 is the heart of the most critical A/V projects, where quality and reliability are paramount. With the Mako, the Hai1000 offers flawless bi-directional communications, achieves the lowest end-to-end latency, and adheres tightly to industry standards for H.264 video and AAC audio.

The Hai1000 offers the ultimate network video system and global standard for “extreme conferencing” within the world’s foremost boardrooms, telepresence suites, classrooms, control rooms, and medical operating theaters. With the Hai1000 and TRUE-H.264, such performance is now available using less than 50% of the required bandwidth, enabling deployments of this technology even to the most remote locations. The Hai1000 delivers a True-to-life video communication experience at remarkably low bandwidth.

HMF2 - Performance Standard Definition Video

The hai1000 SD configurations are based on HMF2 codec blade technology supporting a variety of audio/video interfaces.

In addition to standard analog (S-Video & composite) and digital (SDI) audio and video, the HMF2 can be ordered with a unique HDMI output module. The HDMI module incorporates very high quality real time image processing and upscaling to exactly match video to the requirements of flat panel (LCD/plasma) displays. The output of the HDMI is a pure 720p/1080i – beautiful flat panel presentation of your video transmission.

The HMF2 blade is multi-format as it can be firmware programmed to support either H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) or MPEG-2 (optional). Dedicated to maintaining systems compatibility, the HMF2 MPEG-2 is fully compatible with HaiVision’s installed base of hai500 high performance MPEG-2 systems. Further, MPEG-2 and H.264 may co-exist within the same hai1000 chassis, and as well may co-exist with HaiVision’s MAKO-HD high definition H.264 codecs.

SD blade (HMF2) features

  • SD D1 and Half D1 Resolution
  • 150 kbps to 6 Mbps video bitrate
  • As low as 150 millisecond latency
  • I/O configurable (PIC) architecture
  • Encoder, decoder, or encoder/decode
  • SDI, S-Video, Composite Video I/O
  • HDMI 720p/1080i output for flat panel
  • Main and Enhanced Baseline Profile
  • 20 Hz - 22 kHz Audio
  • Balanced/unbalanced XLR or RCA Audio


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