Matrox Convert DVI Plus

Matrox Convert DVI Plus

Manufacturer Matrox
Part Number DVIPLUS*

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Short Description
DVI to HD-SDI Scan Converter with Genlock and Region-of-Interest Support

The Matrox Convert DVI family of scan converters lets broadcasters easily and economically take the computer-based content that is quickly becoming a key part of the nightly news to air. These products are ideal for creating broadcast video from computer applications such as Skype, YouTube, Google Earth, video games, and web browsers, as well as citizen journalists’ mobile phone videos. They are also the perfect appliances to drive projectors and large displays at live events and in houses of worship.

Quality HD-SDI scan converters with genlock and upscaling typically cost thousands of dollars each and SDI audio embedders are often required. Costs balloon when facilities require multiple units. The Matrox Convert DVI products are very inexpensive by comparison and allow system audio to be embedded in the SDI signal. They provide the high-end features, outstanding quality, and ease-of-use necessary in broadcast and live event operations. The entire Convert DVI family includes premium features such as a flicker reduction filter, customizable presets with user-assignable hotkeys, password protection, SD pixel aspect ratio compensation, and a stand-alone mode ensuring optimal flexibility for many different applications. Controls are provided via an intuitive PC-based graphical user interface which includes a live preview pane.

Region-of-interest scaling and positioning-in-context are additional features of Matrox Convert DVI Plus. By simply dragging your mouse, you can choose any region of any size from your computer display, scale it to any size, and position it anywhere on your broadcast output.

The Matrox Convert DVI products can also be used in applications where the DVI signal is not coming from a computer, but from a medical or industrial camera for example. You simply set your configuration using a PC and then let the unit operate in stand-alone mode, independently of the PC, to deliver SDI and analog video.

  • DVI-D input up to 1920 x 1200
  • Digital outputs: HD/SD SDI
  • Analog outputs: HD/SD analog component, S-Video, and composite
  • SD analog black burst (bi-level) or HD tri-level genlock with timing offset controls
  • Simultaneous analog and digital output
  • Stereo audio input can be embedded into the SDI output signal
  • Realtime HD to SD hardware downscaling with proper color space and aspect ratio conversion
  • Region-of-interest output support
  • Can operate as a stand-alone appliance
  • Advanced features such as an anti-flicker filter, underscan mode, customizable presets, and password protection
  • Three-year hardware warranty and complimentary telephone support

Additional features of Matrox Convert DVI Plus

  • Region-of-interest support including panning with realtime output update
  • Realtime hardware upscaling with proper colour space and aspect ratio conversion
  • Flexible scaling and positioning of region-ofinterest on the output
  • Background color selection including super black and super white for downstream keying applications
  • Proc amp controls
  • Hotkey-triggered output signal freeze/unfreeze


Matrox Convert DVI accepts common DVI-D signal resolutions up to 1920x1200. A third-party HDMI to DVI adapter lets you use Matrox Convert DVI with compatible HDMI sources.

Supported desktop resolutions:

  • 800×600
  • 1024×768
  • 1280×720
  • 1280×1024
  • 1600×900
  • 1600×1200
  • 1680×1050
  • 1920×1080
  • 1920×1200

Other resolutions work with Convert DVI, but only the resolutions listed above have been tested and approved by Matrox.


Matrox Convert DVI provides a full complement of outputs including HD/SD-SDI, HD/SD analog component, S-Video, and composite. Your choice of analog output and the SDI output are simultaneously live.

Supported output standards:

  • NTSC
  • PAL
  • HD 1280x720p at 50 and 59.94 fps
  • HD 1920x1080i at 25 and 29.97 fps


General Works with DVI devices such as computers, cameras, and medical devices
System requirements For initial configuration, Matrox Convert DVI requires a computer running Microsoft Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate (32-bit), or Windows XP Professional (32-bit) with Service Pack 3, one free USB 2.0 port, and a device that outputs a supported DVI-D signal.

Once Convert DVI has been configured, it can be used in stand-alone mode. In stand-alone mode, the only requirement is a DVI device which outputs a supported DVI-D signal.
Video standards NTSC, PAL, NTSC-EIAJ, 1080i, 720p
Regulatory compliance FCC Class A, CE Mark Class A, C-Tick Mark, VCCI 
RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC
Dimensions 151mm (L) × 161mm (W) × 46mm (H)
Total power consumption 10 watts


DVI input and output DVI-I (single-link) 29-pin female connector
Audio input 1/8" stereo minijack
Genlock reference input SD analog black burst (bi-level) or HD tri-level sync
BNC connector (75 Ω), terminated
Timing offset controls provided
SDTV SDI output SD-SDI with 4 channels of SDI embedded audio
24-bit, 48 kHz
BNC connector (75 Ω)
Compliant with SMPTE 259M-C, SMPTE 272M
SDTV S-Video & composite video output PAL, NTSC, NTSC-EIAJ
Frequency response: +/- 0.25 dB max to 5 MHz 
2T pulse response: 0.5% max
Diff. Gain and Diff. Phase: < 2%
BNC connectors (75 Ω)
SDTV analog component video output Betacam, Betacam SP (NTSC & NTSC-EIAJ)
Frequency response Y: +/- 0.25 dB max to 5 MHz
Frequency response Pb, Pr: +/-0.2 dB max to 2 MHz
Component channel delay: +/- 3 ns
Component S/N (Y, Pb, Pr): > 54 dB,
unified weighted
BNC connectors (75 Ω)
HDTV SDI output HD-SDI with 4 channels of SDI embedded audio
24-bit, 48 kHz
Compliant with SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 299M
BNC connector (75 Ω)
HDTV analog component video output Supported video formats:
1080i 25 and 29.97, 720p 50 and 59.94
Compliant to EIA-770.3
Frequency response Y: +/- 0.3 dB max to 28 MHz
Frequency response Pb, Pr: +/- 0.4 dB max to 
14 MHz
Component channel delay: +/- 0.5 ns
Component S/N (Y, Pb, Pr): > 57 dB,
unified weighted
BNC connectors (75 Ω)
Accessories DVI and system audio loop-through cable, 1 meter
External AC-DC adapter 
Y/C video adapter

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