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Part Number MosaicHQ

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Short Description

HD and SD video input capture card, PLUS 1 x BNC16-cable, 2 x MRGB cables, 2 x MBNC cables and 1 x SIP-cable

The Mosaic-HQ video input card provides a combination of four standard and four HD video windows for video wall applications that require high quality video overlays. The video input capture windows can be positioned and sized anywhere on the video wall. 

The Mosaic-HQ is supplied with the following cables: One SIP-Cable, One BNC16-Cable, Two MRGB-Cable and Two MBNC-Cable.

Each high definition window can be derived from one of the following choices: 

  • Eight composite or S-video signals via the Video Matrix Switch 
  • One component YPrPb or RGB source via a dedicated cable
  • The four high definition video windows provide de-interlacing and noise reduction for superb quality video overlays.


HD Resolutions Supported: 

  • PAL - 576i 720 x 576 
  • NTSC - 480i 720 x 480 
  • HD - 720P 1280 x 720 
  • HD - 1080i 1920 x 1080 
  • RGB - 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024


Four Standard Definition Windows:

Each standard definition window can be selected via the Video Matrix Switch from one of the following:

  • Eight composite video
  • Eight S-video
  • The four standard defintion video windows provide the same functionality and quality as the Mosaic-SQ16.


SD Resolutions Supported:

  • PAL - 576i 720 x 576
  • NTSC - 480i 720 x 480


Maximum Displayed Resolutions: 

  • SD video window - 720 x 288
  • HD video window - 1280 x 1024
  • RGB video window - 1280 x 1024 


  • PCI video capture card providing eight Mosaic video windows when combined with the Datapath Vantage4-SIP graphics cards
  • Four high definition and four standard definition Mosaic video windows
  • High definition windows support composite, S-video, YPrPb or RGB video input formats
  • Standard definition windows support composite or S-video input formats
  • Built-in 8 x 8 video matrix switch for composite or S-video inputs
  • Four high definition video windows with de-interlacing and noise reduction
  • Four standard definition video windows
  • Support for up to four video input cards per system providing 32 video windows (16 HD and 16 SD)
  • Compatible with the Datapath Mosaic-SQ16 video input capture cards and Wall Control video wall software



Card type PCI 2.2 compliant adapter
Card size 106 x 319mm
Maximum number of overlay windows 4 x high quality and 4 x standard definition
Power conusmption 25 Watts
Power requirements +3.3V at 2A, +5V at 3A, +12V at 250mA
Operating temperatures 0 to 35 Deg C
Storage temperature -20 to -70 Deg C
Relative humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing
Number of Composite inputs 8
Number of S-video inputs 8
Number of YPrPb inputs 4
Number of RGB inputs 4
Video window update rates 25 or 30 frames/sec

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