x4 Wall Controller

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x4 Wall Controller

Manufacturer Datapath
Part Number Datapath-x4

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Short Description
The Datapath x4 is a stand alone display wall controller that accepts a standard single or Dual-Link DVI input and can flexibly display this across four output monitors.

Each output can be driven as DVI or analog RGB, and can represent an arbitary crop region of the original input image. The output resolution and frame rate does not need to be related to that of the input, as the Datapath x4 will optionally upscale and frame rate convert each cropped region independently.

Additionally mixes of landscape and portrait monitors are supported.

  • Supports full bezel width and height correction for all types of displays
  • Ideal for use with edge blending projectors - supports image overlapping
  • Splits a Dual-Link DVI, Single-Link DVI or HDMI* input (* HDMI input requires the optional DVI/ HDMI adapter)
  • The input EDID is programmable to allow arbitary input resolutions and frame ratesa
  • Flexibly drives multi-displays, each from any selected region of the input image
  • Supports both DVI and analog RGB output monitors
  • Stand alone operation supports auto-detecting of input resolution and output monitor native resolutions. Output screen configuration is defined by internal non-volatile memory
  • Output configuration is programmable via a USB connection to a PC. Graphical utility allows easy control of cropping, scaling, rotation and gaps


Supports creative monitor arrangements

Each output monitor can take its input from any region of the DVI image, since all the required cropping, scaling, rotation and frame rate conversion is handled by the x4 hardware.  These regions can overlap to allow any output to replicate another, or they can be configured to support any creative splice of the source material.

This allows the support of many non-rectangular screen arrangements with uneven gaps, and any mix of orientations.  See examples of creative screen arrangements.


Dual-Link DVI input supports high resolutions

Dual-Link input will support high resolution pixel-perfect source images for display.  The Datapath x4 can additionally present a default native resolution to the source to allow still higher custom resolutions at reduced frame rate, but still remain within the capabilities of the Dual-Link interface.  Most standard graphics card sources will output at this native resolution.  Since the x4 will scale and frame rate convert, using a triple buffered capture architecture, the output monitors can still be driven at their preferred frame rates and resolutions.

At high resolution, DVI signals cannot normally be guaranteed beyond 5m cables, due to the nature of the signal losses inherent in the DVI cables and connectors.  Datapath have added active equalization hardware on the input to the x4, which is able to compensate for these losses and support cable lengths of up to 20m, even at full dual-link resolutions (330Mhz pixel clocks).  Lower resolutions will allow even longer cable lengths.

Additionally, Datapath x4 control application allows user configuration of the equalization levels to guarantee that any combination of input cable length and cable type can be adjusted for optimum quality.




Easily configurable

The x4 supports simple editing of custom input and output configurations via a USB connection to a PC.  Once configured, the x4 will run stand alone, without the need for the USB connection, and will auto detect input resolutions and adjust internal scaling appropriately to drive the output monitors in a consistent manner.


The Datapath x4 will auto-sense input and output frame rates,  automatically genlocking when possible.  Four identical output monitors will automatically be driven genlocked and if the input timings match they are additionally genlocked and clock-locked to the source signal.



Physical dimensions 235 x 175 x 44mm/ 9.25" x 6.9" x 1.75"
Operating temperature range 0-35 Deg C/ 32-96 Deg F
Power requirements 5V DC, 18W. Universal mains power adapter supplied (100-240V)
USB 2.0 Full Speed (12bits/s) operation supported
Cooling Cooling by internal fan. The input/output vents should not be restricted
1 x Dual-link DVI capture To 330Mpixels/s
Input surface 4k x 4k maximum
4 x Single-link DVI or analog RGB outputs   To 165Mpixels/s
Output screens resolutions Up to 2.5Mpixel (maximum 2048 pixels in either direction)
Arbitrary up scaling 64 x original surface area
Firmware support Updates supported via USB
Warranty 3 years


Your packing box should contain the following items

  • Datapath x4 wall controller
  • x4-PSU power supply unit with international blades
  • USB 2.0 cable Type A to Type B
  • Datapth CD containing Configuration Application and User Manual

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