Epiphan Lecture Recorder X2- Ex Demo

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Epiphan Lecture Recorder X2- Ex Demo

Manufacturer Epiphan Systems
Part Number ELRX2-Demo

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Short Description
Second generation integrated hardware platform for recording and/or streaming presentations, events, lectures, marketing and training videos.

Epiphan Lecture Recorder x2™ (ELR) is an integrated hardware platform for recording and/or streaming presentations, events, lectures, marketing and training videos.

Lecture Recorder x2 captures an HD video source such as computer with slides, and a camera with audio source focused on the presenter. Lecture Recorder x2 then streams the multimedia content to standard internet browsers and media players. The streaming content can also be recorded to internal storage and network storage.

Lecture Recorder x2 Video Presentation in HD

HD + SD Video Audio Capture

Lecture Recorder x2 captures an HD video source (up to 1920×1200) channel from a VGA/DVI/HDMI1 display or camera, in parallel with an analog S-Video/Composite (PAL, NTSC) SD video source channel and a stereo/mono audio source.

Lecture Recorder x2 recording and streaming HD + SD video source


Lecture Recorder x2 encodes the input channels into a choice of standard formats:

Flash (H.264), ASF (MPEG4), ASF (H.264), RTP (MPEG-4), RTP (H.264), MJPEG


The Lecture Recorder x2 streams the input channels as a single stream or two independent streams up to 30 FPS. Standard browsers and media players view the stream(s) via a URL over choice of:


Administrators can custom brand the output stream layout, picture with picture arrangement, time stamping, copyright, and other branding.

Record to Publish and Replay

Lecture Recorder x2 records the input channel streams to internal storage, network storage, internal FTP server, external FTP site and/or local USB storage key. Media files can be viewed by standard media players, browsers and processed with standard multi media editing tools.

Lecture Recorder x2 Form Factor and Connectors

Lecture Recorder x2 is a compact portable desktop recording solution that is 7.95"×4.13"×1.38" 202×105×35mm. The buttons and connector interfaces are shown below.

Lecture Recorder x2 recording and streaming HD + SD video source

Stream as 1 Channel or Independent Channels

Multi-Source Picture with Picture Video Matrix / Multiplexing Features – Lecture Recorder x2 can be configured to synchronize and record video sources as a single video channel or maintain the two video sources as a multi-track video channel.

Power to the Speaker at the Podium . High Quality - Audio + Dual Video Source Streaming and Recording

Lecture Recorder x2 is ideal for recording and broadcast streaming of multi-source audio-visual media for lectures, how to videos, training videos, conference proceedings, seminars and presentations videos or vignettes.

Lecture Recorder x2 gives HD streaming and recording power to the speaker's message, not the podium power supplies.

Lecture Recorder x2 enables the power of HD and gives educational institutions, marketing departments, training departments, and professional AV service providers full control of the content they want to produce, record and stream.

Reduce Cost, Cables, Components, Power and Complexity in the Podium

Remove Splitters, Converters, Power Supplies, Cables, Dedicated Capture Computer, with noisy fans and motors. 

Traditional Lecture and Presentation Capture


Simplify Your Solution

Deploy Lecture Recorder x2- - Simple - Secure - Silent - No Moving Parts - Low Power with High Power HD + SD Channel Stream and Record. Simplify Lecture and Presentation Capture, Record and Stream live from the Podium in HD.

Lecture Recorder Features and Benefits

Single Integrated Device - Record, Stream HD + SD from the Podium
  • Single Integrated Device for multi-media Capture, Stream, Record, Replay
  • Removes the need for dedicated capture computer, display specific splitters, multiple power supplies, cooling fans
  • Reduces space, cabling, power consumption and noise
  • Easily Portable for Professional Audio-Visual Event Management Services and Road Shows
  • Built in VGA/DVI/HDMI splitters and converters
  • Integrated with Power over Ethernet
Simple and Secure to Deploy
  • Simply connects to audio-visual input source cables
  • OS, CPU and display source agnostic.
  • Streaming and recording is passive, non-obtrusive, non-intrusive to video sources
  • No software to install or networking to configure on presenter's computer
  • No need for presenter to connect to your network or 3rd party hosting servers or services
  • No performance or security degradation on presenter’s computer
Capture and synchronize audio, HD and SD video sources
  • HD Video Source : VGA/DVI/HDMI ( up to 1920 x 1200 )
  • SD Video Source : composite or S-video camera (PAL, NTSC)
  • Audio Source : Line, Mic, Stereo/Mono signals
  • HD1080p @ 30 FPS
Record and Stream as 1 channel or 2 channels - up to 30 FPS
  • Choice of single channel stream or independent channel streams
  • Choice of hardware based encoding CODECs and streaming transport
    • Flash (H.264), ASF (MPEG4), ASF (H.264), RTSP (MPEG-4), RTSP(H.264) and MJPEG)
    • HTTP, RTP over HTTP, UDP, RTSP
  • Supports streaming to Content Distribution Networks
  • Inter-operates with standard browsers, and media players
Internal/External Storage and Publishing
  • 16G of internal solid state storage for hours of recordings - no fans, no motors, no moving parts
  • Auto copy to locally inserted USB Storage key.
  • Pull files using web interface or built in FTP server
  • Automatically upload recorded files to network file server repository using the choice of FTP, CIFS or RSYNC.
Visual Experience and Branding Features
  • Simply add text , time stamps, copyright notices to streams and recordings
  • Multiple picture in picture streaming and multiplexing / display matrix options
  • Streaming layouts can be personalized to brand the look and feel of live webcasts or video recordings using picture with picture options and XLST technology
Professional AV Features- System Management
  • Fine Tune Resolutions, Frame Rates, Performance and Bandwidth Management:
    • Preserve original capture resolution or apply new frame size automatic real-time scaling
    • Configure: frame size, scaling, frame rate, bit rate, key frames, and other performance parameters
  • Start/stop record using multiple interfaces and accessories
    • web interface
    • Push buttons, toggle switches
    • EpiphanTouch™ a start/stop recording app iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Available free from iTunes
    • RS-232 commands, AMX/Creston RS-232 controllers
    • USB mouse, and USB foot pedal switches,
    • HTTP command API
    • HTTP-based and RS-232 API can be interfaced with classroom management and recording control systems.
  • Monitoring
    • Monitor for Video, Audio, Streams/Record Monitoring via HTTP at the site, or remote over Internet
    • Local Audio/Video Pass-through monitoring with local display or projector
  • No annual license maintenance or fees.
    • No limit to the number of Lecture Recorder x2 devices on your network.

Lecture Recorder x2 Hardware Overview Video

Lecture Recorder x2 Key Features

Form Factor - Audio Visual Equipment System Integration

  • Portable hardware appliance for recording and streaming presentations, events, lectures, marketing and training videos
  • Non-Intrusive – Simply Plug and Play Audio Visual presentation sources –Secure – no software or networking to install on presentation sources.– OS and CPU agnostic – No 3rd party hosting required, no maintenance fees
  • Power over Ethernet, built in splitter/converters – no cumbersome power supplies at the recording podium
  • No fans, no noise, reduces power, devices and clutter. Integrated with Power over Ethernet, pass-through monitoring with built-in splitter and converter to all three display output types (VGA, DVI, HDMI)
  • HTTP and RS-232 API for integration with other systems



  • Captures and synchronizes VGA/DVI or HDMI video source channel with an SD video source channel and analog audio channel.
    • HD source: VGA/DVI/HDMI display or camera source, up to 1920 x 1200
    • SD source: S-Video/Composite, NTSC/PAL
    • Audio source: 3.5mm line/mic., stereo/mono

  • Encodes

  • multiple standard formats (e.g. H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG)
  • HD1080p @30 FPS


  • Standard browsers and media players view live event at a URL as a single stream or two independent streams
  • Choice of SD+HD in one stream or HD+SD as independent streams
  • Inter-operates with standard internet browsers and media players with multiple video encoding and streaming standards 
    • Flash (H.264), ASF (MPEG4), ASF (H.264), RTP (MPEG-4), RTP(H.264) and MJPEG
  • Multiple visual layouts of SD and HD Frames


  • Multi-stream / Multi-track viewing and recording of streaming
  • Internal/External Storage
    • 16GB internal video recording solid state storage (no moving parts, no fans )
    • Auto-push of multi-media video recordings to FTP site, CIFS, RSYNC network storage, or USB local storage device
  • Multiple start-stop recording controls and peripherals

    Branding and Layouts

  • Broad support for multiple display source resolutions and frame scaling.
  • Customize text, captions applied to each frame
  • Customize layouts, sizes, branding graphics

    Stream Setup Parameters

    Stream Setup

    • CODECS : MPEG 4, H.264/Adobe Flash, MJPEG
    • Stream Formats: ASF over HTTP, FLV over HTTP, RTP/RTSP unicast (TCP and UDP), RTP multicast (UDP), MJPEG
    • Encoding Options : choose preset, profile
    • Labelling : apply time stamp, text to output stream
    • Output Stream : Frame Size, frame rate limit, bitrate, key frame interval , rate control, streaming port
    • Audio Settings : format (PCM/MP3), Sample Rate, Stereo/mono, bit rate, line/mic, input amplifier gain, output amplifier gain
    • Branding: customize web page look and feel using XLST


    Video/Audio Monitoring and Passthrough

    • Live View Monitoring: Opens browser window to monitor look and feel of output URL stream
    • Video passthrough output: monitor video source - built in active splitter sends input to streaming encoded and to a built in VGA/DVI/HDMI input to VGA/DVI/HDMI output converter
    • Audio passthrough output: monitor audio source - built in active splitter sends audio to stream and analog out


    Automation API

    • Lecture Recorder x2 can be integrated into your custom web infrastructure such as classroom and meeting room scheduling or lecture capture and management systems to broadcast training and similar education content. You can review the subset of commands in the product documentation, or contact us for additional custom integration features and details.


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