Exstreamer 200

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Exstreamer 200

Manufacturer Barix
Part Number 2005.9055

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Short Description
Exstreamer 200 UK package (w/o cable set) - Network audio decoder with built-in amplifier for commercial, industrial and security applications

The Barix Exstreamer 200 is a versatile network audio decoder for multi-room distributed audio system. It enables users to create flexible, cost-effective distributed audio systems using standard IP technology.

The Barix Exstreamer 200 plays MP3 (soon also G.711 & PCM) audio files from PC or web server (http) as well as legacy digital and analog sources (using the Barix Instreamer) and streams from sources like Shoutcast, Icecast (Internet radio) or RTP servers (Instreamer). The integrated 2 x 25 Watt amplifier delivers audio directly to speakers.

The device is easily controlled by a standard web browser and with the optional Barix IR remote control. With serial and Ethernet control APIs, the device can also be managed from typical automation systems.

Installing the Barix Exstreamer 200 is fast and simple due to its unique features – SonicIP and IPzator: The device announces its IP address over the audio output after power-up.

Audio over IP devices for high quality audio streaming and control over IP networks

The Exstreamer IP Audio products are embedded, reliable, IP-enabled audio streaming devices which can be used in applications such as local and internet-based IP music distribution systems, in-store audio applications, paging systems and generic audio routing over standard IP networks. High audio quality is achieved using either uncompressed or MP3 audio encoding at up to 48kHz sample rate.

The Barix Exstreamer 200 supports various control and communication modes. Software developers can easily write audio applications using one of the openly documented Ethernet (cgi, TCP, UDP) or serial interfaces (API). A fully programmable ABCL firmware version is available on request. ABCL stands for Audio Barix Control Languange and is a simple to use yet powerful Basic dialect (see separate data sheet).

For commercial applications a firmware with WMA and MP3 support, automatic failover (up to 3 URL’s / playing from USB memory) and monitoring capabilities are available.

  • Plays MP3 files and streams from PC, web, Shoutcast, Icecast and RTP servers
  • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet connection
  • Control via standard web browser, IR remote control, API (serial, TCP, UDP, cgi)
  • Separate firmware for WMA and MP3 streaming (http, UDP, RTP) with automatic failover and USB playback available
  • Fully programmable ABCL (Basic dialect) firmware available on request


Common Applications

  • Playing audio from PC, jukebox applications, flash memory
  • Multiroom or multizone distributed audio systems
  • Commercial audio streaming applications (airports, hotels, etc.)
  • Realtime audio bridging over IP (when used with the Instreamer)
  • Paging and announcement applications
  • Instore audio distribution (realtime) for retail, restaurants, franchises


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