Exstreamer P5

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Exstreamer P5

Manufacturer Barix
Part Number 2010.9104

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Short Description
The IP Speaker without the Speaker !

The PoE powered Exstreamer P5 turns any 8 Ohm Speaker into an IP Speaker with 5W output power. An RS-485 and IR port can be used for local control.

The Exstreamer P5 is a member of the Barix Exstreamer product family, versatile Audio over IP codecs (encoder/ decoder) for use in a wide field of applications, from broadcast to instore, from distribution of music in hotels to SIP telephone paging applications.

Based on reliable, embedded, low power, solid state technology, the device is ideally suited for 24/7 operations, does not need cooling or maintenance, and is not prone to usual issues caused by operating systems.

The Exstreamer P5 provides amplified audio (5W RMS) directly into an 8 Ohm speaker. The device draws its power from an 802.3af Ethernet connection.

A serial and IR port (on an RJ-45 connector) allows direct connection of the Barix VSC or similar in-room controls


  • Overhead Speaker Interface with Amplifier
  • Commercial audio streaming applications•
  • Playback point in an IP PA system
  • In-room IP Device for Hotels, Venues
  • In-store audio distribution
  • SIP based paging interface
  • Zone output device for IP distributed audio
  • Ethersound (ES-100/Spkr) channel receiver

Features at a glance


  • AACplus, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, G.711, PCM Decoding
  • IP Streaming via TCP, UDP, RTP, Multicast
  • Amplified Output 5W (8 Ohm)
  • RS-485 Serial Port
  • Powered over Ethernet (PoE)



  • Power supply via 802.3af (PoE) Ethernet, 15 Watt max.
  • 10V supply output to in-room control


  • 10/100Mbps auto, 802.3af
  • RJ-45 connector with integrated Link/Activity LED
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, SIP, DHCP, Multicast capable
  • ES-100/spkr (Ethersound, output, no daisy-chain) support


Analog Output
  • Amplified output, short circuit and overload protected
  • Output power: 5WRMS (8 Ohm), 2,5WRMS (16 Ohm)
  • Frequency response (-3dB): 20Hz ..12kHz (8 Ohm), 25Hz ..20kHz (16 Ohm) *
  • SNR (-3dBFS): -90 dB (8 Ohm), -75 dB (16 Ohm)
  • THD <0.7% (8 Ohm), <0.3% (16 Ohm)


Audio formats
  • MP3 CBR/VBR, up to 320kbps, 8..48kHz sample freq.
  • AAC, AAC plus, AAC-HE (AAC plus V2)
  • WMA (up to version 9), Ogg Vorbis
  • PCM 16bit @8, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48 kHz
  • G.711, uLaw, aLaw (sample rates same as PCM)


Control Interface (RJ-45) 
  • Direct support for Barix VSC (Volume Source Control)
  • RS-485, 300..230‘400 Baud asynchronous
  • IR input on separate line
  • 10V supply output for in-room control


IR Interface
  • IR via serial port interface connection
  • Supports Barix IR receiver (with adapter) and VSC


  • Aluminum case, 300g
  • Mounting wings for direct wall mounting


Dimensions (W x H x D)
  • 108x38x78.7mm (4.25x1.5x3.1 inch) plus mounting wings


Supported Audio formats

  • PCM, G.711, G.722, MP3 encode/decode
  • AAC+ decode
  • PCM 16 bit and 8 bit (uLaw, aLaw) @ 8..48 kHz


Discrete I/O (Contact Closure Input)
  • 1 discrete / dry contact input


Other Models available
  • Extreamer 100,110,120 Universal IP Audio decoders with line level output
  • Extreamer 500, 1000 Professional IP Audio encoders/decoders with balanced audio interfaces and contact closures
  • Instreamer 100 IP Audio encoder with line level and S/PDIF interfaces
  • Annuncicom 100,155, 200 IP Audio encoder/decoder with microphone input and speaker output plus I/O
  • Annuncicom 1000 Professional IP Intercom/Paging device with balanced audio and supervised contact closure inputs and outputs
  • Annuncicom PS16 IP PA paging station with line keys desktop model


  • Min. 440 000h 
  • Calculated acc. to MIL217F at 25°C

*depends on used codec, best results @48kHz PCM

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