4x4 Composite Video & Stereo Audio Mechanical Switcher

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4x4 Composite Video & Stereo Audio Mechanical Switcher

Manufacturer Kramer Electronics
Part Number VS-4E

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Short Description
Mechanical, CV/audio switcher for selecting one of four inputs to one of four outputs. Audio may be switched separately from video, 475MHz.

The VS-4E is a high performance single crosspoint switcher for composite video and unbalanced audio signals. It independently switches any one of four audio or video signals to a single audio or video output.
  • High Bandwidth - 475MHz (-3dB).
  • Mechanical (Passive) Switching - No power required.
  • Separate Audio & Video Switching - One crosspoint (each).
  • Desktop Size - Compact size.
Two units can be rack mounted side-by-side in a 2U rack space with the optional RK-4E/S adapter.
  • Small video and audio editing systems.
  • Security, CCTV, and home theater.
  • Medical imaging, SDI-based studios.
  • CCTV and security systems.
  • INPUTS: 4 video, 1Vpp/75? on BNC connectors. 4 audio stereo, up to 36Vpp on RCA connectors.
  • OUTPUTS: 4 composite video (or RGBS), 1Vpp/75? on BNC connectors. 4 audio stereo, up to 36Vpp on RCA connectors.
  • SWITCHING SYSTEM: Mechanical, "Break-before-make".
  • CROSSTALK: -42dB. Chroma, - 60dB. Sync.
  • BANDWIDTH (-3dB): 475MHz.(video), 100kHz.(audio).
  • DIMENSIONS: 18.8cm x 7cm x 7cm (7.4

  • Value added - 35 years of excellence
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