Optimiser HD with Genlock

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Optimiser HD with Genlock

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Short Description
Enhanched SD to HD converterbased on bandlet transform (let it Wave) with Genlock.

Universal Up/Down Scaler with Enhanced Scaling Technology Based on Bandlet Transform (Technology developped by Let It Wave)

Optimizer HD by Analog Way is an Innovative High Grade Universal Up/Down Scaler with the latest Let It Wave technology. Fitted with universal Analog or Digital Input, Optimizer HD converts any TV, HDTV or PC signal into a Digital TV, HDTV or Hi-Res PC format.

Optimizer HD input signal can be Analog NTSC/PAL/SECAM, S.Video, RGB/YUV, HDYUV, RGB, RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB or Digital DVI and SD/HD-SDI. Optimizer HD supports TV and HDTV formats including 1080p and 1080sF@24/25Hz and Computer(*1) formats.

Optimizer HD outputs Digital signal with the following formats:



  • 720p @ 60, 59.94 & 50 Hz
  • 1080i @ 60, 59.94 & 50 Hz
  • 1035i @ 60 Hz & 59.94 Hz,
  • 1080sF @ 24, 23.98 Hz & 25, 30 & 29.97 Hz
  • 1080p @ 24, 23.98, 25, 30 & 29.97 Hz



  • 525i @ 60 & 59.94 Hz – 15.735 kHz
  • 625i @ 50 Hz – 15.625 kHz
  • 480p @ 60/59.94 Hz – 31.471 kHz (Progressive NTSC)
  • 576p @ 50 Hz – 31.250 kHz (Progressive PAL)



  • Up to 2048x1080 Reduced Blanking & 1600x1200@60Hz.
  • Output is available in DVI-D and SDI at the same time when the selected format is compatible.


Optimizer HD provides an amazing image quality thanks to its new powerful geometric bandlet based computing technology by Let It Wave. The true 10 bits TV/HDTV processing path is preserved by state of the art over sampling 12 bits A/D converters.

It features real time Motion Adaptive de-interlacing, correction of compression artefact, noise removal, 3:2 and 2:2 Pull Down correction, scaling with special edge diagonal compensation, are taken to a an incomparable level of quality providing the best picture quality ever seen.

Optimizer HD also operates as a time base corrector and frame rate converter.

Optimizer HD upgrades TV image quality to almost true HDTV shot picture. In Computer Auto clock and phase adjustments, assure a true picture up or down scaling with every original pixels of the image. The image adjustments and device setup are recorded in a non-volatile memory.

Optimizer HD is equipped with an Analog Genlock input with an active loop through. Genlock signal can be either TV Black Burst or Black HD. It allows framelocking of HDTV output signal on an TV Black Burst. User phase adjustments are available for a perfect result.

Optimizer HD features analog balanced or unbalanced Audio Stereo input for embedding Audio into the SD/HD-SDI signal with A/V delay compensation. (Fs: 48 kHz – 20/24 bits).

Optimizer HD is a device that provides a Scan Converter, a Scaler, a Standard converter with TBC functions in one box. Its high flexibility combined with its processing quality makes it essential in professional Broadcast, D.Cinema and High End Pro AV environments.

Optimizer HD large front panel shows many direct access image adjustments with a bright easy to read fluorescent display and a convenient control knob. It offers many useful features such as an adjustable zoom from 25 to 400%.

The standard RS232 connection and provided software allow a full remote control of the device and also upgrade capability to maintain the high value of your equipment. Optional RJ45 is available for IP control.

Optimizer HD provides real time TV to HDTV stunning conversion.

 Cables for Optimizer HD:

  • BNC Cables from 1.8m/6ft to 20m/66ft
  • S.Video Cables from 1.8m/6ft to 20m/66ft
  • VGA Cables from 0.4m/1.3ft to 30m/100ft
  • Control Cables from 0.5m/1.6ft to 30m/100ft
  • BNC SDI-HD M/M Cables from 3m/10ft to 30m/100ft M/M
  • DVI Cables from 1.8m/6ft to 70m/230ft


  • SDI / HD-SDI 10 bits
  • Computer: RGB, DVI


Stereo Audio

  • Balanced or unbalanced Audio Stereo input on XLR
  • Embedded Audio on SDI with level and delay adjustment



  • Black Burst PAL, NTSC
  • Analog HD Black
  • Universal output


Universal output

  • SDI / HD-SDI 10 bits
  • DVI-D: TV, HDTV and Computer(*1) DVI-D

  • Value added - 35 years of excellence
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