ProductionVIEW FX

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ProductionVIEW FX

Manufacturer Vaddio
Part Number 999-5200-001

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Short Description
Camera Control Console with matrix video switching, camera preset control and joystick camera control functionality.

Operator’s Camera Control System with transitions 3-axis Joystick. Control up to 6 cameras, operator control or automatic. 6x2 video switcher. Transitions and effects incl. fades (in, out, blk) cross fades, wipes (up, down, left, right, corner). 72 internal presets (12 per camera). Built in 4” LCD Monitor. 6 discrete auto-sensing camera control ports.

The ProductionVIEW FX standard definition camera control system incorporates 6 x 2 matrix video switching, camera preset control and joystick control functionality into one easy-to-use console.

ProductionVIEW FX delivers user selectable, frame synchronized transitions that are completely seamless, professional and without compromise in quality. Among the included transitions are straight cuts, fades (in and out), cross fades (one image fading into another) and wipes (up, down, side to side and corner). The user can select the transition and the transition time, up to four seconds, to automatically activate as the inputs are switched on the main and preview buses.


  • Six discrete auto-sensing camera control ports
  • Transitions include fades, cross fades and wipes (5)
  • 3-Axis hall-effect joystick
  • 12 Camera presets per camera
  • Master RS-232 port for external control systems
  • AutoVIEW contact inputs for camera switching




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