Videum 4400 VO Xpress

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Videum 4400 VO Xpress

Manufacturer Winnov
Part Number PCB-4400e VO-W

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Short Description

A four-channel PCIe video only capture card using Winnovs FBA with 4 video inputs (4 composite OR 2 S-video)

Videum 4400 VO Xpress is part of Winnov’s new line of super-fast, super-powerful video capture cards built on the PCI Express architecture. This four video channel capture card is designed for video surveillance and security applications. Videum 4400 VO is capable of capturing full resolution/full frame rate video from four sources - simultaneously. Videum 4400 VO comes with MJPEG compression capabilities. Fits into any PCI Express slot, regardless of lanes.

The multi-channel video only capture solution that continues to evolve, even after it’s deployed.

The Videum 4400 VO Xpress is a four channel video only capture card that produces broadcast quality video required for on-the-air streaming of live events and absolute reliability necessary for successful video surveillance. One Videum 4400 VO Xpress has the same performance as four single channel capture cards with the same slot footprint. Videum 4400 VO Xpress enables seamless switching between the four video sources either manually or automatically. Users can automatically switch between video sources, locally or remotely, without stopping the capture process.

Built upon the new PCI Express bus architecture, Videum 4400 VO Xpress boasts super fast encoding and increased efficiency. The benefits of Videum on a PCI Express platform are endless. Performance is greatly increased while power consumption is reduced by up to 50 per cent when compared to standard PCI based cards. Broadcast quality encoding is guaranteed with incredibly smooth video playback. Professionals seeking longevity and ROI rely on Videum as the only video capture card product line available that offers hardware upgrades via download. This key feature future proofs your investment and ensures that no matter how rapidly technology changes, deployed Videum capture cards will remain current.

This powerful new bus architecture can quickly add value to your applications for manned or unmanned video surveillance systems. It is equipped with auto-reboot watchdog timer with a failure log for unattended operation. Winnov’s watchdog will automatically reboot the system in the event of a software lock-up, ensuring minimal downtime and worry-free operation, 24x7x365. An included Videum SDK allows OEMs and system integrators to address individual client requirements and enables them to quickly differentiate their value offering. Developers and integrators can easily customize their own web-based applications as requirements demand.

The Videum 4400 VO Xpress provides a high-performance, scalable, and reliable solution that meets the growing demand for video surveillance solutions to digitize, record, control and playback high quality video.



Harness the power of PCI Express
  • Add dimensions to live streaming events
  • Fits 1, 2, 4, 8, 16x lane PCI Express slots
  • Edit live events in real-time with VC1
  • Optimized for live encoding
  • Seamless live video switching
Multi-Channel Capture Architecture
  • 4 independent channels of D1 video
  • Real-time capture & preview of analog video streams
  • Multi-channel display of each video input
  • Multiple encoding formats including WMV, Flash
Reliable and cost effective
  • Stream more channels per system
  • Hardware upgradable via download
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Hardware-based timestamp
  • Reliable 24/7/365 operation
  • Professional locking connectors
  • Auto reboot and event signaling
  • Surveillance Customization
    • Integrated watchdog function for auto reboot
    • Automatic failure log bug tracking
    • Remotely pan, tilt & zoom all 4 video inputs
    • Digital I/O triggers alert detection & event signaling
    • Reliable 24/7 operation
    • Remotely control image properties
    • Identify cameras with graphic overlay
    • Timestamp overlay
    Imaging Capabilities
    • Captures 640x480 at 30fps (NTSC)
    • Captures 704x576 at 25fps (PAL)
    • Superior image quality
    • Local & remote 4 channel switching
    • Real-time capture & preview
    • Customize resolution, frame rate, and compression
    • Motion JPEG compression

    • Value added - 35 years of excellence
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