Annuncicom 1000 Intl. package (EU/US) - Discontinued

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Annuncicom 1000 Intl. package - Network intercom and PA with extensive I/O for commercial, industrial and security applications
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The Barix Annuncicom 1000 is a universal, IP based audio device supporting VoIP and Audio over IP applications. The Annuncicom 1000 is an ideal solution for bridging audio and contact closures over LAN and WAN networks. In addition to extending and interfacing traditional paging and intercom systems, such systems can be built without using central intelligence, completely PC free.

The Annuncicom 1000 is part of a whole range of devices from Barix geared towards professional IP Audio solutions. Eight supervised contact closure inputs, eight relay outputs, two serial interfaces (RS-232 and RS-485), professional grade, balanced audio inputs and outputs and dual redundant, 24/48 V capable power inputs give the device maximum flexibility for use in high reliability applications.

All devices are programmable using the Barix ABCL environment that includes the source code for a PA/Intercom application. This application can be used as is, or adapted to a customer’s specific needs. Central PA/Intercom software is available from Barix free of charge, along with protocol and API documentation, enabling easy integration into proprietary solutions. A SIP compatible firmware is available for the devices, so that the components seamlessly integrate with VoIP phone systems, which enables a SIP phone to make announcements to a single station and door intercom functionality (call initiation by Annuncicom). Adding a PBX (SIP Server) enables further functions like group calls and broadcast messaging from attached phones.


Key Features:

  • Transmits voice, alarm messages, contact closures, pre-recorded announcements and music over the network

  • For Paging / Intercom communication in commercial and public buildings, e.g. airports, shopping malls and remote facilities such as railway stations

  • Communicates over a standard network connection (10/100 Mbit/s) and supports IP standards such as RTP and SIP, VoIP and MP3 Audio Codecs

  • Dual Ethernet ports for high-reliability applications

  • Dual balanced, 0dB line-level audio inputs

  • One input switchable to microphone sensitivity, 12V phantom power

  • Dual balanced, 0dB line-level audio outputs

  • Eight supervised contact closure inputs

  • Eight relay outputs 24V 0.5A, with one separate fault relay

  • Dual, supervised redundant supply voltage inputs. 18-56V voltage range

  • Built-in temperature sensor for device health monitoring

  • Audio codec (encoder/decoder) for MPEG1&2 Layer3 (MP3), PCM linear and a law, u-law, 8-48k sample rate support.

  • 10/100 Mbit/s auto-negotiation Ethernet interface

  • USB 1.1 interface for flash memory, FAT16/32 file-system support (USB not available on Annuncicom 1000)

  • Wide range power supply input, low power consumption

  • Two serial interfaces (RS-232 and RS-485)


  • Public address, emergency calls, alarms and paging

  • Paging and audio distribution with speaker circuit control

  • Monitor and control communication (in public buildings, airports, manufacturing facilities, and shopping malls)

  • VHF radio control via IP application or SIP phone

  • Live audio distribution over a WAN infrastructure

  • Multi-channel audio distribution via multicast

  • Automatic announcement systems

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