Alitronika ASI, SPI, SDI I/O Recorder-Converter (USB)


Record, play, and convert your MPEG2-TS, SDI, ASI and SPI I/O streams with this unit's extensive hardware functionality

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Product Overview

This product is the ultimate stream player/recording unit, combining the functions of 8 unique devices! 

  1. DVB-ASI to USB 2.0 converter (ASI TS Recorder)

  2. USB 2.0 to DVB-ASI converter (ASI TS Player)

  3. DVB-SPI (LVDS or LVTTL/LVCMOS ) to USB 2.0 converter (SPI TS Recorder)

  4. USB 2.0 to DVB-SPI (LVDS or LVTTL/LVCMOS) converter (SPI TS Player)

  5. SDI to USB 2.0 converter (SDI Recorder)

  6. USB 2.0 to SDI converter (SDI Player)

  7. DVB-ASI to DVB-SPI converter (Serial to Parallel converter)

  8. DVB-SPI to DVB-ASI converter (Parallel to Serial converter)


Key Features:

  • High Speed USB 2.0

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 10 Drivers + SDK & Linux Drivers.

  • Accompanied by DVSStation3 Alitronika's Application Software.

  • Supports DVB According to Standard A1010 Rev1 and EN50083.

  • Supports 188 & 204 byte or Arbitrary Packet Sizes.

  • Input:

    • Integrated Loop Through output.

    • Automatic Cable Equalization of up to 350m.

    • Supports True or Inverted ASI signals.

    • Carrier and Lock Detection.

    • Sync, Error & Code Violation Detection.

    • PID filtering by Hardware.

    • PCR Time stamping by Hardware.

  • Output:

    • Programmable Output Bit Rate.

    • Can play Higher Bitrate then the TS file.

    • Can output True and Inverted signals.

    • Supports Burst Mode, RAW Data Mode.

    • Null packet insertion by Hardware.

    • PCR, continuity counter correction.

    • Packet time and date correction.

    • Error insertion.

    • Hardware Generated Null Packet or Counter Packet.


Targeted for Digital Video Professionals, Sophisticated End Users and OEMs the AT40XUSB is an ideal solution for a number of applications such as:

  • Development Tools.
  • DVB to IP Gateway.
  • Universal Interface for Digital Video or MPEG-II Transport Stream Recording, Playing and Processing.
  • Video on Demand Server.
  • Transport Stream Test Generator.
  • High Speed Serial Data Link.
  • Software Based MPEGII Encoders and Decoders.


DVSStation3/4/IP: Alitronika devices are supported by DVSStation3/DVSStation4 or DVSStationIP, Alitronika's free Transport Stream Player, Recorder, Analyser and converter application software, or visit the manufacturer's website.

  • On Board Buffer: 16 Mbytes.
  • DVB-ASI Connector: 75 Ohms BNC.
  • Input Return Loss: >15 dB.
  • Input Signal level: 800 mV +/- 10%
  • Output Signal level: 1.0Vp-p nominal.
  • DVB-SPI Connector: 25-pin sub-D.
  • DVB-ASI Input/Output Bit Rate: 0 to 214 Mbit/s.
  • DVB-SPI Input/Output Bit Rate: 0 to 108 Mbit/s.
  • Bit Rate Stability:
    • Standard: +/- 25ppm.
    • Maximum: +/- 1ppm.
  • DVB-ASI Output Clock: 270 MHz.
  • DVB-SPI Output Clock: 0 to 13.5 MHz.
  • DVB-SPI Output Level: LVDS and 3.3V LVTTL/LVCMOS levels.
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