Presentation Recorder Gemini 32

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Simultaneously stream and record full HD at 30 frames-per-second, along with audio and optional graphics
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Dual HDMI Video and Graphics Recorder and Live Streamer

The dual HDMI inputs capture full screen video and computer graphics content, recording it to a local archive and/or simultaneously streaming it live across a network. Graphical or text overlays may be used to enhance the recorded image. The archive can be automatically uploaded to two locations. A wide image quality range is available, optimizing bit-rates for either storage or image detail. All solid-state storage provides for many hours of continuous recording. Audio input is either via HDMI or USB. USB microphones are readily available and low cost XLR to USB converters can provide the input from traditional microphones or balanced XLR cables. While recording, dual live streams may be viewed directly from the device or via a streaming server.

Easy to Use Web Interface

The web interface utilizes the same architecture and controls developed for the high-end Presentation Recorders. The main Quickstart page allows for Channel selection, video and audio parameter adjustment and start/stop controls for streaming and recording. Separate tabs permit Channel parameter assignment, archive upload and download, confguration and status.

Total Automation of Scheduling, Recording, and Upload

Designed for manual control and/or complete and total automation of lecture capture and lecture creation activities, this recorder will start recording via calendar entry and then will automatically upload archives to video content management systems. Three diferent control interfaces allow remote control and monitoring of the unit. The extremely low power drain and minimal cooling requirements allow the unit to be ready for 24/7 recording.

Input/Output Connectors

Two HDMI input connectors for capture of industry standard video or graphics resolutions. HDMI output connectors for local display of captured images and an optional OSD window containing audio meter information and state. Ethernet 10/100 connector for network access. Two USB ports for audio input, recorded archive download and initial setup. External 12V supply connection. Front panel on/of switch and indicator led. Built-in WiFi capabilities for client or access point connection.

Features and Benefits


HDMI Input Video/Graphics Recorder:

Captures any standard HDMI input signal and records to archive storage and optionally streams the content live during recording. Graphical or text overlays may be added to the recorded image.


Full-frame Hi-Defnition Capture:

The HDMI inputs capture up to full frame 1080p30 (1920 x 1080 pixels) video or graphics content to provide for high quality recordings with sharp detail. A text overlay is available.


Stream and Record Simultaneously:

Broadcast live to your audience using unicast RTMP, HLS or multicast and later upload the recording for video-on-demand viewing.
HDMI or USB Audio: Audio may be captured directly from the HDMI or USB input connections. Optional adapters are available to convert traditional balanced-audio microphones or mixers into digital USB.


Built-In WiFi:

The onboard WiFi capability provides for easy access and no need for CAT 5/6 cables for control. A standard wired ethernet connection is recommended for live streaming.


Easy-to-Use Web Interface:

One Quick-Start page controls parameter selection, streaming and recording start/stop controls, stream viewing, graphical or text overlays, title and speaker descriptive text entry and status indicators. Additional pages are available for viewing and downloading archives and entering confguration information.



Embedded Linux kernel for secure, crash-freeoperation. Software updates available directly from an online update server with no need to download bin fles.


Multiple Upload Options:

Manually upload to your favorite streaming server or select one or two upload destinations for fully automatic upload of each recording. Pick from YouTube, Google Drive, Kaltura, Box, Opencast Server, Presentation Server, secure FTP, legacy FTP and USB sticks. Email notifcations available.



Schedule recording and streaming events in advance using Google Calendar, Opencast Server, Presentation Server and “ics” fles. Complete start-to fnish automation with scheduling, recording and upload.


Multiple Control Interfaces:

In addition to web page control the device accepts serial commands over IP Telnet and a Web 2.0 REST API interface for programming with AJAX and jQuery style implementations. This allows common in-room control touch panels to start and stop recordings on this unit.


Video Viewing – Live or Recorded:

Video plays on iPhone, iPads, Androids, Web browsers, Apple or Windows desktops as an H.264 MP4 fle. It is possible to watch live or playback.


Internal Streaming Server:

Viewers can view the live streams without an external server using a local network connection.


Key Features:

Multiple Storage Options: The base storage (32 GB) provides for 20-30 hours of recording depending on the bit-rate and quality settings specifed. Models with 64 GB or 128GB may be ordered to increase the available recording limits.


Graphics Compression: H.264 (ISO/IEC 14496-10). Archive fles formatted as MP4’s.

Network Interface: RJ-45 (LAN, DSL, Cable Modem), Ethernet 10/100 Mbps, DHCP


WiFi: 2.4 GHz 802.11n wireless. Confgure as a client or access point.


Security: Embedded Linux OS, HTTPS, SSL Certifcate, SSH FTPLow


Power: The unit requires a single 12 V external supply.


Power Consumption: 15 W. External supply: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz—80W


Dimensions: 225 mm W x 165 mm D x 40 mm H


Temperature: Operating temperature 10-35C (50-95F). Quiet, fanless operation if proper airfow is provided.


Light Weight: 1.4 Kg (50 oz.)


Certifcations: FCC, CE (pending)

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