Teradek Cube-825 4K SDI & HDMI HEVC/AVC Decoder


A compact, broadcast standard decoder for converting your IP to HEVC/AVC 4K HDMI or SDI signals, with USB and GigaBit Ethernet connectivity

£2,832.00 £3,398.40

Cube 825


One of Teradek's most recent products, taking the market by storm with the quality and bredth of operation within such a small unit. The Cube 825 is a decoder for your 4K HDMI and SDI video signals, with the option to receive the encoded signal via GigaBit Ethernet, or single 3G/4G USB modems. Use this back-to-back with a Teradek encoder for extremely low-latency solutions, or reliably stream over your network.

 Not only does this decoder allow for the more common AVC (H.264) codec in its operation, but it also has the capability to implement HEVC (H.265), theoretically allowing for half the bitrate at the same quality of video, or double the quality of video at the same bitrate, depending on how you choose to use it.

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